Sunday, April 29, 2012

Welcome to Erotica by Natasha London

Hello, internet world.

After years of penning my unique brand of erotica across the net under various pen names, I've decided to break into the e-publishing world. My first set of stories, to be released as a trilogy starts with, "Lois Wakes Up," and is set to his the e-bookshelves at the end of this week.

This work is centered on Lois Burke, a newly divorced woman who discovers a long-dormant sexual passion and becomes fixated on fulfilling a detailed, hot list of sexy goals, from screwing in very public places to posing as a call girl for an anonymous romp in an executive office high above Manhattan. Lois just can't get enough.

Here's an excerpt to give you a taste of what's in store:

Stop it, she admonished herself. You are too old for this nonsense and it was a one-time thing. A post-divorce bit of crazy.

Lois knew how divorcees were meant to act; lord knows how many she knew at this point in her life, and she knew for a fact it didn’t involve beer bongs and losing your anal virginity at an age when you were meant to be redocorating your freshly acquired condo on Newly Single Row. No. By the time Lois had smoothed down her standard issue navy blue power suit and straightened her hair up enough to pass for “up too late the night before working on the Powers case” instead of “up the entire night getting plowed by a surprisingly well-hung 20-year-old,” she’d made a conscious decision to behave properly from now on.

And it worked... for a few hours, until the first text came across her phone during the weekly staff meeting.

Watch this space for my announcement in the coming days about where you can download my first e-book. I welcome suggestions for scenes, genres, and characters. If it makes you hot, chances are it will make many other readers hot, too.